Trek lovers of this World :-),


It’s a humble request to every traveler, please keep our Hills & Himalayas clean as like its nature green. We all have to give efforts to keep our nature safe who gives us pure oxygen & atmosphere to live free and long.


The only thing trekkers have to do is to pick up all the polythene waste from the route of the selected trek and do not leave their garbage in any trekking destination.


Only some real travelers who really like to travel and feel the feeling of that beautiful nature always keep and make clean to that every single place where he/she travel, and get a reward healthy human body with positive thoughts and understanding nature by the ‘God of Nature’.

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Join the GJH team and help keep all our beautiful Natural paths clean and get the gift of precious things from the Himalayas.

This initiative has been started by the team of GJH from 2017, we and all our trekkers put all the polythene and plastic garbage waste in the given garbage bags along the way during the return journey and finally throw all the garbage in Base camp Dustbin.

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So, only we are able to clean the Himalayas, which cleanly improves the God-given nature, which has no selfish life, as is the selfish life of a selfish department or company.


Follow the route map in the Trek Itinerary https://www.greenjoyholidays.com to locate your garbage collection points from where a system of disposal at the base camp.

We also know that all the villagers young and old peoples who lives in the village also make dirty to the environment and nature place so badly but they do not have any proper education system in their place and also get a plastic wrapped product by the shop because our Government or Government servant have no interest to make plastic free District, State or Country.


Join “KEEP CLEAN IN THE JOURNEY OF HIMALAYAS” mission now, to make garbage free Himalaya’s place and meadows, and welcome the all beautiful seasons, like a heaven season.


Everyone is welcome in this clean travel campaign.

Treks with the offers are Mahasar Maharani Taal new trek and all popular trekking destination.


All the trekker’s will get a 500 gm ‘Ghee‘ case as a reward in last day of trek, only after completing the mission “KEEP CLEAN IN THE JOURNEY OF HIMALAYAS”.


And for this mission, every trekker, to inform other trekker and add them to this mission, will also get relaxation in other trek selected by him.




Thank you…………..

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